Greenskin Wolf Riders


A unit of Greenskin Wolf Riders for your WM:R and Minihammer needs.



Included per purchase are 12 beautifully detailed Greenskin Wolf Rider miniatures sculpted by Greenskin miniatures. Due to having 10 unique sculpts, 2 mirrored figures from the existing sculpts will be provided to fill out the full unit.


  • These are physical resin prints. All prints are provided unpainted with most if not all supports still attached.
  • Some slight scarring may occur during the removal process but should be minor and inconsequential.
  • Although the resin used has more give than standard resins, resin miniatures are fragile in nature and may break if not handled properly.
  • All products are packaged with care and soft clouds of cotton.

Additional information


10mm, 15mm