All your deepest, darkest questions about Forged in History answered here.

What's behind the name, Forged in History?

That I have to give credit to my co-commander in this campaign we call life, my wife.

When I first got the idea to do something like this I wasn’t so sure about it, and all the groundwork felt like so much at times. But with her support (and the support of a couple other incredible beings) it ended up being a doable battle.

And with my plan to get a doctorate in History and teach at the forefront of my mind as I sat and began brainstorming for names, Forged in History eventually popped into my head. Felt so clear, and so right. Thus the name was born, and thus it shall stride into the future.

Is the resin durable?

We use grey ABS like non-brittle resin by Elegoo. After trying a vast amount of resins, we found that this resin worked the best to keep the detail of the minis and maintain decent above standard durability wilst keeping costs where they are. In comparison to standard resins, it’s much more durable. If cared for properly, miniatures should hold up quite well!

Why not use TGM-7 resin?

If we were to use TGM-7, all miniature prices would go up a considerable amount as the resin costs twice that of the resin we use currently. If enough interest and requests come through the community however, we would consider either adding it as an option or moving to it altogether.

Will you sell miniatures that aren't Warmaster/Minihammer?

In short, yes. An RPG minis range is a definite possibility, and we plan to release both historical and dieselpunk miniatures in the future.

How much is shipping?

Shipping for miniatures is $8.50 flat to the Continental U.S. Tshirts and mugs ship free. Orders of $200 or more get free shipping. If you combine miniatures and t-shirts, you will pay $8.50 for the flat rate, unless you purchase $200 or more, then shipping is free for everything.

Will the minis be damaged in transit?

While not impossible, we package my miniatures in soft clouds of cotton, surrounded with bubble wrap. The minis we have sent out so far have arrived undamaged using USPS 1-3 Day Priority. See the next question for details on damaged minis. 

What if my mini is damaged by the mail carrier?

If you get a damaged mini make sure to send us an email with pictures at forgedinhistory@gmail.com within 24 hours of delivery and we can make it right.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Send an email to forgedinhistory@gmail.com, and if your order has not yet shipped we will be more than happy to cancel your order. Once the order has shipped, cancellation is no longer possible. 

What if I want to return my miniature?

It is cost prohibitive for us to accept returns at this time. However, if for any reasons you are dissatisfied, send us an email at forgedinhistory@gmail.com or message us on Facebook and we will work with you to see what we can do to turn your frown upside down.

What if I place my order and realize I want to add something? I don't want to pay shipping twice! HELP!

Send an email to forgedinhistory@gmail.com, and as long as your order hasn’t shipped, we would be more than happy to pause your order so you may add the units you need. This may add additional production time.

How long will it take to get my miniatures?

Orders are printed on demand, and print times can vary based on the size of the order. The order will be printed typically within 2 days and then shipped via USPS 1-3 Day Priority mail from North Carolina.

What are supports?

Supports on resin miniatures are their to ensure the miniature prints successfully. They also can increase a miniature’s stability during shipment. They are quite easy to remove with a pair of cutters and tweezers and should leave minimal and inconsequential scarring if any at all.

Forged in History? Where are the historical miniatures?

We will be releasing a Roman, Carthaginian, and Greek/Macedonian line of 10mm Warmaster miniatures by Warprinter by late September. We also plan to start the sculpting and release of our own Forged in History ranges of historic and historical-fiction miniatures by next year, as well as a couple other surprises we are excited about. 😉 

Do you take paint commissions?

We do! Currently our plate is full with a desert kings army, but once we are done we will update our website accordingly. We would also recommend Brush Splatter Miniatures, who you can find on Facebook, who have done work for/with us in the past which you can see on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Do you sell bases?

We plan to soon, we are in the research phase of this so we can offer the highest quality possible in the very near future.

What are your store's terms and conditions?

Forged in History, Forged in History Miniatures, and it’s associates and affiliates are not responsible for the damage products may sustain during shipment, nor are they responsible for damage of customer’s products after the receipt of said products. Refunds are not accepted once an item has shipped. Returns are not accepted. Customers will be receiving physical, printed and cured resin prints with supports still attached. These prints are provided unpainted. Forged in History, Forged in History Miniatures, and it’s associates and affiliates are not responsible for damage caused by customer when removing supports from miniatures bought from forgedinhistory.com, nor are they required to compensate customer for errors made by the customer.