Who is Forged in History?

A Passion for History and A Love for miniatures

Greetings fellow humans and xenos alike.

My name is Joseph. I am a board, card, and tabletop game enthusiast. I also enjoy board game design, painting miniatures, and printing said miniatures on my Photon.

Although perhaps my greatest passion in this life is history, and I am currently studying to teach history at a university level.

Contact me at forgedinhistory@gmail.com or message me through my Facebook Page.


Products I Offer

Here you will find 10mm fantasy miniatures by sculptors such as Onmioji and Greenskin Miniatures, as well as Forged in History Original Miniatures.

Welcome to my korner of the world. What a place. What a dream.

What You Get

These miniatures are sold as physical resin prints which are washed, cured, and unpainted with supports.


I take paint commissions.I am usually booked out two months. To get on the waiting list, email forgedinhistory@gmail.com 


I will ship anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping originates in the great state of North Carolina.


Forged in History Miniatures are designed to be used with games such as Warmaster: Revolution and Warmaster: Ancients and Medieval.

What is Warmaster?

Warmaster is a 10mm epic scale tabletop wargame released by Games Workshop (GW) in 2000, who stopped supporting the game in 2012.

Despite this, there are still many people who not only still play the game, but many talented sculptors that have designed beautiful miniatures for the game, making the game affordable since all the old blister packs for the game sell for a small fortune.

In 2017 Warmaster: Revolution was released. Warmaster: Revolution is a fan made ruleset improving upon the original Warmaster rules and combining it with the rules from Warmaster Ancients (released 2005) and Medieval (released 2008).

This is now the universal ruleset used by Warmaster players around the globe, excluding France who uses the Warmaster Evolution ruleset which is exclusively in the French language with no translations currently available.

To learn more about Warmaster and to download the Warmaster: Revolution ruleset, visit https://www.wm-revolution.com/ and consider joining the Warmaster groups on the Facebook application.